Existing Dynamic DNS Users:

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  • Unlimited slots
  • 99.9% Uptime guarantee
  • Same day account activation


SIP Trunking:

  • Same day setup for outgoing calls
  • E911 (ELS) service
  • Number porting & 800 numbers available



  • A consistent IP address that your ISP canít change
  • IP address is instantly propagated
  • Dynamic HTTP relay


Server hosting:

  • Multi-Homed network
  • 3 tiered security with physical, data, and network controls
  • Offsite backup for managed servers



MyServer.org is expanding to become a one-stop-shop for internet and server resources. If you are an existing Dynamic DNS user you will continue to enjoy the same excellent service we've provided in the past. Soon you will find information and links on this page about our new products and services. If you are interested in any of the offerings below, please contact us now and we will be able to set you up immediately. Enterprise Class Performance at Wholesale Prices for Savvy Computer Professionals. MyServer.org gives you top of the line servers and big data pipes. More importantly we keep it running at peak performance to ensure that you can benefit from the reliability and speed these solutions offer. Whether you are looking for Streaming, SIP Trunking, Exchange Hosting, or PortableIP, MyServer.Org delivers the servers, bandwidth, and service you need to ensure peak performance and true 24x7 availability.


Buy stream relay through our QuickTime/ WMS/ Shoutcast servers at committed bandwidth rates and never run out of slots. Packages start at $50 per mbit/mth (95th percentile), and get less expensive the more bandwidth you buy.            Details


Are you trying to run servers from your cable modem and struggling with your DHCP address? Lease a portableIP address from MyServer.org. For as little as $29 per IP address, we can provide you one of our static IP addresses and use our routers to forward traffic to and from your cable modem. No matter where you are, your traffic reaches you!   This product is ideal for running mail servers, SIP clients, etc., where you need a static IP, or where you need to work around ports blocked by your ISP. (512K/1M $29.99, 1M/2M $54.99, 2M/4M $99 per month).            Details

Note: the product requires some expertise in tunneling and routing. We can assist with FAQs, but this product is not for newbies or technophobes.

Outgoing SMTP blocked by default. Contact us for exceptions.

Virtual Servers

Get a dedicated server without having to deal with the potential hardware issues! You virtual server rides atop our professionally managed host servers. Linux/FreeBSD virts for $69/month, Windows 2003 Web virts at $99/month.           Details

Managed Servers

Single XEON 1U server with 200 GB in RAID/1 is $399. A Dual XEON 1U server with 400 GB RAID/5 is $499.           Details

Exchange Hosting

Let us host your organization's Exchange services. Our hosting solution includes native exchange (over https), Outlook Web Access (OWA), POP and IMAP. Solutions start at $15 per box with at 10 box minimum.            Details

SIP Trunking

Get off the PTSN and into VOIP without sacrificing quality or spending an arm and a leg! We resell Level (3) VOIP resources, so you know you get the highest possible quality and with MyServer.org you know you are getting a great deal. 800 numbers, number porting, E911/ELS. Call for details.           Details

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